Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's Just Say it Wasn't Pretty
By Diane Keaton

I know sometimes we think that being a movie star or being rich and famous is the top standard in life. If we can achieve this then we would not have to worry about small, everyday things like taking out the trash, shoveling snow, eating healthy or zits with bad timing. But honestly, if we stopped to think about it, those things don’t just go away because you live in a nice place in California. These people have real, everyday, battles just like you and me. They have to learn how to be themselves with more pressure than you and I do! (I think I have pressure to look nice when I come to work and I work with people who are my friends! I can’t imagine all the pressure from magazines and paparazzi, etc)

This is what Diane Keaton writes about in her new biography Let’s Just Say it Wasn’t Pretty. It is a fun, witty journal of her drive to being content with who she is and learning to stand out. What is real beauty? Is this fake, everyone-looks-the-same-Barbie-doll-version we have going on now in society real beauty? What if you don’t fit into the mold? Are you broken or are you a banner for individual style and expression? Keaton tells a few amusing anecdotes about her experiences in this area.

I enjoyed this clever look at an age-old question through the eyes of someone who seems to “have it all.” If you are looking for a fun, quick read I would highly suggest this book.