Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Movie Will Require Dinosaurs
By C.W. Neill

I was walking by the new nonfiction book display last week and this title caught my eye. I picked up the book and was so glad I did.

Curt Neill is a struggling screenwriter who created and writes for the blog Untitled Screenplays (untitledscreenplays.tumblr.com). He has a hilarious sense of humor about his own splashes of and lacks of creativity. Each page is an attempted screenplay that Neill has started. He never makes it to page two but he cleverly makes fun of the technicalities of screenplays and movies in general.  I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting but it would also be a wonderful book to read a few pages on occasion for a good laugh. I enjoyed the individual snapshots of screenplays. Some I wish he could have written more pages and fleshed it out to an actual screenplay and others I just laughed at and thought “That was a bad start!”

If you are looking for a light, enjoyable read I would highly suggest this book.